Shopify, yazılım ve programlama bilginize ihtiyaç duymadan e-ticaret mağazası kurmanızı sağlayan ücretli bir alt yapıdır. Detaylı bilgi için hemen Tıklayın!

Shopify Nedir? Shopify Nasıl Kullanılır?

Shopify Nedir?Shopify, merkezi Ottawa, Ontario'da bulunan Kanadalı çok uluslu bir e-ticaret platformudur. Shopify, herhangi bir teknik bilgi gerektirmeyen kullanıcı dostu bir arayüze sahiptir ve farklı sektörlerden birçok küçük işletme tarafından kullanılmaktadır.Entegrasyon ve uygulama aracılığı
    What is Barcode? What is the purpose of these labels, and what do the numbers and lines on the label mean? Click here for answers to all your questions about the barcode system!

What is Barcode? What is the Use of Barcode?

What is Barcode?Barcode is an image consisting of lines and spaces that represents a unique identity of a product, which is applicable to any trade commodity.What is the Use of Barcode?The use of the barcode system is to facilitate product identification, tracking, and inventory management. Barcodes can also be used fo
What is the NACE code that can be expressed as the business activity code of the company? What is its purpose? You can find the answers to all your questions in our article!

What is NACE Code in E-commerce?

What is the NACE Code in E-commerce?NACE stands for "National Association of Colleges and Employer". The NACE code is a six-digit code system that classifies the activities of companies operating in Europe according to the level of risk associated with their work. Therefore, the NACE code is also known as the
How to open an online store? You will find the answers to the questions on your mind about opening a virtual store in this article!

What is an online store?

How to Open an Online Store?An online store is an online shop on a digital platform where products or services are sold. Just like a physical store, an online store is a place where products are showcased, customer service is provided, and payment transactions are processed. They can be opened on different e-commerce p
We have gathered everything you need to know about Etsy here. Etsy is one of the best ways to sell abroad for those who want to sell internationally.

What is Etsy? How to use it?

Etsy Sistemi Nasıl Çalışır?Etsy is an e-commerce platform that brings together sellers who offer unique products such as handmade, vintage, and similar items, and buyers who are looking for those products. The Etsy system operates through steps such as seller registration, product listing, buyer search, purchase,
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