Click here to learn everything you need to know about stamp duty, which is one of the important issues that taxpayers should follow.

Everything You Need to Know About Stamp Duty

What is stamp duty that we frequently encounter in our business life? Why is it taken? How is the calculation made? And what kind of tax is used in a lease agreement? Where are the payments made for stamp duty to the bank? Everything you need to know about stamp duty...What is Stamp Duty?Stamp duty is a tax collected b
If you're selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11 or just starting in e-commerce, the first thing you should ask is "What is the Buybox and how can I win it?"

What is Buy Box? How to Win Buybox?

To appear at the top of search results, what should be done? How can you win the Buybox? What are the Buybox criteria? Read our article for all the information that will make your company stand out.What is Buybox?If you're selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Trendyol, hepsiburada or N11, or if you're new to e-
We have created a Digital Advertising guide to help you reach potential customers for your products or services and introduce yourself using digital channels.

What You Need to Know About Digital Advertising

So, you want to find potential customers, promote your brand, or highlight your product? Let's take a look at the importance of digital marketing for achieving these goals. What is digital advertising? What are the types of digital advertising, and which advertising channels should be used? Let's explore all of
Latest Information About Domestic Marketplace Commission Rates Here

Marketplace Commission Rates

What are the marketplace commission rates in 2023?The e-commerce field has been preferred by sellers in recent years. In physically formed stores, these sales platforms are free of charge, and sales are made by signing up for these sales platforms, which do not have any problems such as rent or invoices. However, these
How can individuals without a professional camera take high-quality product photos with a cell phone? Click here to learn!

How to Take High-Quality Product Photos with a Cell Phone?

Are you taking photos of your products with your cell phone? Let's take a look at what to pay attention to and how to take better photos.What is Product Photography?The rapidly growing e-commerce industry is a constantly expanding field with new innovations emerging every day. This growth has only accelerated with
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