What is Fatura ON?

Invoice ON, one of the most used e-documents, is the creation of all information on a paper invoice by moving it to electronic media. It has the same legal validity as the printed invoice. Invoice ON can be used optionally as it is mandatory for some businesses with the legal regulations determined by the GİB. It provides advantages to your business in terms of time, cost, labor and many more.

Businesses that digitize their invoice transactions by using Invoice ON gain many advantages in both financial processes and operational costs.

FaturaON Genel Özellikleri

  • Easy and Fast Create and share invoices wherever you want. See all your past invoices easily at any time, get rid of all the cost burden of paper invoices, speed up your transactions and work.
  • Secure Infrastructure with Cloud Technology Your invoices are safe with cloud technology. Get rid of the hassle of archiving your invoices with cloud technology.
  • Avoid paper costs with Eco-Friendly Digital invoicing. Keep your money in your pocket. Help protect nature.
  • Create your invoices easily with the e-invoice infrastructure and send them to your customers with a single click, either by SMS or Mail. Avoid postage costs, save your time and money.
  • Send your Fast Delivery and Collection Invoices to your customers with one click. Do not encounter negative surprises such as “My mail has disappeared”. Invoices sent faster turn into faster collections.
  • Create your invoices on your computer, tablet or smartphone with 24/7 Access E-invoice system. No matter where you are; You can send and manage your invoices 24/7 at the office, at home or on the go.



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Advantages of Fatura ON

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